ENGAGE members & leads

Lucid Contact engages your members & leads in conversations automatically without losing personability. Lucid is focused on response and engaging your members & leads in real-time conversations designed around the processes of your business.

ENFORCE and automate processes

Lucid Contact enforces the processes required for customer acquistion and retention. Acquire and keep market share using Lucid's Customer Engagement platform. Customize and automate each process needed to progress and retain customers.

ENSURE communication & follow up

Lucid Contact initiates conversations with members & leads inviting response. Easily communicate with your members & leads regardless of where they are and what form of communication they use.

ENFORCE member & lead processes

Lucid Contact leverages member & lead information and enforces communication, marketing, and communication relative to your customer base. Accomplish 3 basic business objectives:

Text Surveys

Receive feedback from up to 46% of your customers

Gaining customer feedback is extremely important. Lucid Contact allows you to gain feedback from your customers using a methodology your customers will respond to. Creating your surveys can be done in minutes and can be automatically sent to your customers after any service, product, or follow up type. Our surveys can also be initiated by your customer. Stop paying companies or employees to gather feedback. Let Lucid Contact do it for you automatically, easily and effectively. Because Lucid Contact focuses on gaining response, our surveys are sent out to the right person, with the right message, at the most appropriate time they are likely to respond.

Feedback after any event

Attach Surveys to processes associated with the member or prospect experience.

Gaining customer feedback is a challenge for most businesses but extremely vital to your continued success. Lucid Contact allows you to automate surveys after any interaction between your business and the customer. Each question sent is answered and generates the next question until the survey is complete. Lucid Contact graphs the responses and generates reports giving you real-time feedback.

46% of text surveys sent are completed

Because all surveys and messages are sent from a local number, the illusion of you reaching out personally is achieved and the likelihood of response is much greater.

Lucid Contact to date is the only company in the world that allows businesses to survey their clients via local number SMS and the response is AMAZING! Why? Managing the perception of your target market is important. Every person wants to feel singled out. Because of our methodology, your target audience thinks you are personally taking a moment to reach out. This change of perception increases response rates and allows for a true personal relationship between you and your customer.

What if almost half of every survey sent to your members & leads were completed? Imagine. Half. You'll find that your customers are happy to give feedback as long as it's not intrusive and can be done at their convenience. Customers want to be heard and Lucid Contact has created a powerful and convenient method that will let your customers communicate directly with your business and staff on their terms.


Lucid Contact has made managing your businesses appointments simple.

The Lucid Appointment Calendar will allow you to set appointments with automated email and text reminders. As part of the process surrounding the appointment, you can also automatically reschedule missed appointments and opportunities and even get feedback.  Don’t miss out on revenue you have paid marketing, advertising, and overhead dollars for. Lucid Contacts automates the entire process surrounding the appointment and keeps your Calendar full.

Lucid Contact sends all messages from a local number we assign to your business. The combination of local number and personalized question based messages generates responses from your members & leads. Upon response, Lucid Contact will route that call, email, or text straight to you and your staff. Add multiple reminders and thank or follow up with your customer individually after the appointment is completed. Upon missing their appointment, Lucid Contact will automatically try to reschedule that customer within hours of the broken appointment. Use Lucid Contact to create simple, easy, and automated processes to enforce the communication needed for each customer. Lucid Contact is a cost effective way to ensure that your customers attend their appointments or have a convenient, immediate way to contact you to reschedule. Stop losing potential revenue and sign up today.

Take your customer management mobile

Lucid Contact can be accessed from any device or browser from anywhere you have an internet connection. All customer information, notes, history and communication can be seen and initiated on the go, at home or from the office.

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